#2 Why Ballroom-dance?

《The Otaru Canal.Here is one of the famous site in Hokkaido , in June 12.
Scenery derives imaginations towards Europe from me.》
Why do I highlight Ballroom-dance industry?

It seems that it is because 

Ballroom-dance is important site 
for understanding the many things in our living.

To take some instances,

the dynamics of relations among staff instructor,
the condition of generating and changing role in gent-ladies,
the relations between identities as Ballroom-dance instructor
and threat from inside or outside,
the way of control several identities in the community of
instructor,athlete,and private capacity.

I'd like to think these questions through my daily life.

So , Ballroom-dance industry , especially in Japan,
is very attractive field for thinking something about human-beings.

I think so deeply.

I hope you like this trial.
See you nest time!

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