#3 How did human being start Ballroom dancing?

《A typical party in Ballroom-dance industry.People sit around round table.》

Could you possibly introduce my Ballroom dancing career briefly?

I started participating in Ballroom dancing 11 years ago.

Firstly,from 1999 to 2003, as a member of club activities 

Because I played soccer in my youthful days,from primary school to high school,
and I was interested in musical strongly, 
I decided to join in two community(soccer and musical) after entering Hokkaido university.

But in actuality, 
I was charmed by the world of Ballroom dancing, particularly in competition style. 

So I attempted to understand that changing of my mind 
toward Ballroom dancing was something like "integration" of two different genres.

Secondary, I was student of Ballroom dancing studio in Sapporo city(2000-2005),
most biggest city in Hokkaido.

In that two places,
I learned basic figures mainly towards to competition style, 

Waltze,Tango,Slow Foxtrot,Quickstep,
Chachacha,Samba,(Cuban)Runma and Paso Doble.

Experience in this period made my technical,physical and mental foundation in Ballroom dancing.

Continuation will be showed in another articles.

It's true that there are some methodological difficulties on 
observing Ballroom-dance industry 
but I believe my achievement of my Danthropological aim 
by referring leading figures in academic circles.

With participating in Ballroom-dance industry,
I can observe several significant topics, 

for example,boundary between person and person,
intersubjectivity,mind of teacher,the way of learning dancing or teaching...

This article will be existed as something like challenging ethnographical description in Ballroom-dance industry,
as it were, ethnography of Danthropology. 

Throughout looking at this attractive field and participating in several activities in it, 
I aim to find a new useful knowledge about human being. 

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