#4 What's the key word on studying Danthropology?

《It's an typical dancing-hall in Sapporo,Japan.
Shining floor and here's fine taste must lead every dancing people elegant feelings.》

I want to describe an ethnography about Ballroom dancing 

by anthropological approach.

The last time of this article,

I showed a piece of my dancing career.

Today, I show you important words through studying danthropology.

Now I participate in the world of Ballroom dancing 

in Japan Ballroom Dance Federation (JBDF) ,Hokkaido division.

I had taken and passed the JBDF's examinations in 2007 period.

So now,I am working almost everyday 

as a teacher of Ballroom dancing in Sapporo city mainly.

Until the end of this February, 

I was an teacher and competitor under contract to 

one specific studio for about four years. 

But now,

I am free from interesting system in Ballroom dancing, 

particular in Hokkaido,Japan.And I am working just like free lance,

thereby I got an precious position because of be able to

observe and study Ballroom dancing world.


One thing I want to point out to you is 

already observing this world as worker.

Here is one of my proud to the society of anthropology in the world.

Keywords of my study are 




the way of learning

"success story

believed among Ballroom dancing teachers who are at the same time, 

athlete or competitor and native.

("Native Anthropology"is my teacher,Takami Kuwayama's typical book.)

In perspective on native Ballroom-dance industry,

I believe only I can describe the world of Ballroom dancing.

And throughout looking at this field,I believe,

I can offer something like some knowledge for life of everyone.

To be continued...

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