#5 M.Malitowski and B. Malinowski

《The"Moerenuma Park" in Sapporo.Continuing stairway reminds me of several things of our life.》

It's my danthropological life!

In the world of competitive Ballroom dancing, 
8 Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis.jpg
we have big figure, Michael
who was born in 1980, Poland.

They say  Michael Malitowski is just like 
great champion in Ballroom dancing,
Latin American division with notable partner, 

First view of his (their)dancing at live gave me 
great impression.

This was not what I had expected.

Previously I watched him in DVD, however, 
his live performance created miraculous atmosphere.

I remembered at that time 
I fixed my eyes on his energetic body movement. 

In the other side, 
in the world of anthropology, 

we have one notable scholar, Bronislaw Malinowski  (1884-1942) 
who is famous as originator of functionalism, born in Poland.

Now he is one of the most biggest figure for all anthropologist, 
particularly because of his methodological contribution.

However I think we 
157c22f8.jpganthropologist had better not to see him as special 
because we get narrow-minded, 
for example,
"we must obey his method all the time.
we should go to an specific field at any cost and stay in there 
at least for 1 or 2 years..."

That aside,

Malinowski is so important person that I should communicate with many times.

For moving my danthropological study forward, 
I'm going to refer this two big figures.

They are quite similar in their name,different in only one letter "t" and "n".

With across two world of Ballroom dancing and anthropology,
my plan for danthropology will be advanced.

Please make sure!
If you like,refer Japanese article please.

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